Urology And Pelvic Floor

Research, development, production and distribution of high quality medical technology.

We offer the most complete portfolio of minimally invasive treatments for Female Urinary Incontinence and Prolapse; Male Urinary Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction; Vesicoureteral Reflux in children and Endourology solutions.

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Medical Education in Urology And Pelvic Floor
Cutting-edge training for professionals with prestigious national and international references.
A unique opportunity for permanent updating in state-of-the-art medical techniques and technology, exclusively for health professionals.
Promedon surgical simulation laboratory, with direct practice.
Intensive and personalized training, with cadaveric material and simulation models of the highest level.
Agreements with leading universities, institutions and health sector centers around the world.
Spaces for interaction and integration of knowledge for comprehensive and specialized training, focusing on the latest advances in medicine.
Multilateral cooperation agreements in scientific research with national and foreign laboratories.
For the promotion of constant innovation and the development of implements, techniques and technology in implants in pursuit of the best quality of life for patients.